Roast Pork with Crackling

To cook perfect roast pork with crisp crackling but succulent moist meat, you’ll need to employ two cooking temperatures plus salt and oil. The pork needs to be cooked on a very high temperature to crackle the rind then reduced to cook the meat. Pork usually takes about 25–30 minutes per 500g weight to cook on medium heat and the cuts suitable include: Rolled Pork Loin Roast, Leg Roast, Pork Belly Roast and the Easy Carve Leg. You can also generally buy extra rind for crackling if desired. Don’t overcook pork. It should be slightly pink on the inside, and moist.



  1. Preheat the oven.
  2. While the oven is preheating, score the pork rind. It will be partially scored already, but it's always best to add a few more cuts. To do this you can use the point of a very sharp paring knife, or use a disposable scalpel from a pharmacy. They don't have a long shelf life, but they far surpass any knife I've ever used.
    What you need to do is score the skin all over into thin strips, bringing the blade of the knife about halfway through the fat beneath the skin.
  3. Now place the pork in the roasting pan on a rack, rind-side up.
  4. Rub the oil evenly all over the rind then take about 1 tablespoon of flaked salt and sprinkle them evenly over the skin, pressing them in as much as you can.
  5. Place the pork on a high shelf in the oven and roast it for 25 minutes.
  6. Turn the heat down to 175°C and calculate the total cooking time allowing 20-30 minutes per 500g.
  7. About half way through the cooking time, add 1 cup of the wine and 1 cup of the stock to the pan and allow to heat for the rest of the time with roast and mixing with the roast juices. This will make a great base for your gravy.
  8. Add the rest when you make your gravy.
  9. There's no need to baste pork as there is enough fat to keep the meat moist. The way to tell if the meat is cooked is to insert a skewer in the thickest part and the juices that run out should be slightly pink to clear.
  10. When the pork is cooked remove it from the oven and give it at least 10 minutes resting time before carving.
  11. Serve the pork carved in slices, giving everyone some crackling.

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