How to Marinate Seafood

Have all your marinade ingredients ready and your seafood peeled and deveined if it needs to be.

Begin by mixing your marinade ingredients in a bowl until thoroughly combined and smooth.

Seafood usually only needs to be marinated for around 30 minutes. If you marinate it for longer, the acid in the marinade will par cook the flesh and when you then cook it using whatever method your recipe states, it will be overcooked and touch and chewy.

Marinating is best done in a zip lock bag because the marinade permeates the seafood much more effectively.

Take a zip lock bag and place the seafood in the bag, then add the marinade to the bag with the seafood.

Now move the seafood and marinade around together in the bag so that the marinade completely mingles with the seafood. Then push the seafood and marinade to the end of the bag and press the bag sides together just above the contents and pressing all the way to the top, push out all the air.

Now seal the bag and flat it out so that the marinade is encasing all the seafood. Now let it marinate in the fridge for about 30 minutes, then use as directed in your recipe.